The Online and Mobile Gambling Revolution


Do fast-paced technology advances need any revelation in the 21st century? For sure not! The hi-tech implementations have propagated by and large into every walk of life. So much so that those who do not upgrade are ought to face redundancy. Gambling industry with is existence for more than 20 years is no exception to this massive disruption! It has revolutionized from traditional walk-in stores to on- the- go internet platforms that feature seamless experience right from innovative gaming interfaces to exciting casino-bonus codes!

The unprecedented rise in the number of mobile device users has hit to 70% already. While the gambling users are expected to be around 684 million and online wagers to reach total $1 trillion by 2022.No doubt augmentation in mobile gambling is noticeable, however, it still remains poorly accepted worldwide due to the prohibition in regions like Asia, Africa, Russia, and Germany. Just a few years back a betting platform on handheld device seemed fairytale imagination but in today’s era, the concern is around fast-growing, sustainable and secure online gambling platforms.

Let us gain some insights on online and mobile gambling revolution in terms of driving forces, its after effects and future challenges.

Factors Driving Innovation in Online and Mobile Gambling:

· Live/In-play Gaming and Mobile Bonuses

Online gambling is convenient, but that genuine experience of sitting across a live dealer is something that punters definitely seek. Given that not many casinos offer live gaming option, it’s an opportunity for industry underdogs to innovate around providing more secure, high quality visual and real online gambling experience. With the rise in use of smartphones, players can participate in live bets using mobile applications and also benefit from mobile bonuses. To engage modern on-the -go crowd and remain upbeat exclusive mobile apps with attractive casino-bonus codes have become inseparable norm.

· Use of Cryptocurrencies

If not all, many casinos accept cryptocurrencies payment. Wondering why? Blockchains along with crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are great in terms of maintaining player anonymity, safety due to military encryption and elimination of third-party money transfer options. So this fairly new player seems to be an appealing driver to innovative solutions for online and mobile gambling.

· Availability of GPRS

The success of any mobile platform product or service depends on the availability of GPRS on the cellular network. The rate at which current day GPRS technology is advancing it remains one of the important factors to all mobile gambling players along with cost-effective mobile data.

· Propelling Virtual Reality

Creating a virtual world in which players exists by manipulating digital platform is vital in order to provide end users with near reality experience. Virtual reality technology proves as a key to providing immersive betting experience with 3D graphics, mobile gaming and of course live dealers.

· Gambling Legislation and Regulation

Europe seems to be leading worldwide in terms of mobile gambling regulations. Regulatory proscriptions in many countries have always hindered the launch of casino-style services due to cultural and economic aspects. However, there seems to turn in tides as the governments in many nations rethink about the losses with respect to tax revenues and promising market growth in the mobile gambling sector.

Effects of the Online and Mobile Gambling Revolution:

· Rapid Growth

New technologies continue to fuel the growth in online gambling. With its ability to drive customer engagement, a total online wager which was $620 billion in 2017, reached around $700 billion last year in the U.S itself.

· Behavioral Changes

Consumer behavior is something that interests and affects every business. Online and mobile gambling finds its place and users are able to adjust seamlessly to almost any settings be it travel to the workplace or short breaks or just seeking fun on the go.

· Exclusive Mobile Gambling Solutions

Many betting businesses have dedicated themselves to deliver mobile-exclusive solutions for mobile patrons. Such applications are especially popular in the U.K as studies show almost 5 million users depend on mobile devices to access gambling sites.

· Innovative and Holistic Approach

Complex graphics, responsive layout and good performance to play games such as poker, roulette, craps, and blackjack, on any mobile device, either for fun or for money push the providers to adopt an innovative and holistic approach.

Future Challenges That Need Attention:

The fun of online and mobile gambling is plagued with numerous concerns like inefficient gambling operators, scams, rigged algorithms, player’s security and trust is the number one issue. Here are few:

· Attracting Millennials into Online Gambling

Free social casino games for this demographic group are one of the examples that suggest difficulty to get Millennials drawn to gambling and making them play for real money. Providers need to work on getting them hooked on secure, fair and hassle-free gambling services, despite the prevalence of mobile devices.

· Online Gambling Transparency

Online casino operations are still a black box to many customers and difficult to decode for game developers. Fair gaming control system with the ability to provide unpredictable pseudo random figures for games would be a viable solution to provide transparency. The blockchain-based platform looks promising savior to fix problems. This also enables affiliates to know a number of players brought by them to the project, bets placed by players, and the resulting commission.

The revolution does not end just with blockchain protocols. With mobile gambling set to be far more profitable than online gambling, the industry needs to discover better and efficient ways to go about business being created every day. Everybody has to play their cards right as its just wise to adapt or perish in digital disruption!

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